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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Daesh in a Divided Nation

For John, BLUFBelgium has problems.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

This is an opinion piece from Mr Jean-Michel Paul, "Belgium, My Country, Is in Denial".

Mr Paul is born and bred from Belgium and knows some of the things that make things difficult in Belgium, like the fact that the nation is divided between the Flemish (Dutch Speaking) north and the Walloon (French Speaking) (plus a touch of German Speakers) south.  This is a cause of division and thus makes it harder for the country to act in a unified manner.

While the author doesn't say it, it seems that Belgium has been living in a live and let live state of mind, but the other side, the third side, was not interested in such a bargain.

Here is the last paragraph:

Terrorist attacks such as those that struck Zaventem Airport and the Brussels metro system on Tuesday can happen to any country — Belgium did not invent the Islamic State.  But my country needs to stop living in denial.  It was the logical conclusion of our failures that Brussels should produce so many of the perpetrators of jihadist atrocities in Europe.  We need to keep calm, as the British say, but not to carry on.  This week's tragedy must, finally, become the catalyst that forces Belgium to change.
While the hat tip goes to the InstaPundit, separately my wife recommended this to me.

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