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Monday, March 14, 2016

Smearing A Candidate

For John, BLUFOur betters sound desperate, at least to me.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

From The New Yorker and Ms Amy Davidson we have "Conventional Wisdom".

The problem is, the "Conventional Wisdom" is the wisdom amongst the staff of The New Yorker.

Here is the lede:

After the seventy-third ballot had been called, to no effect, at the Democratic National Convention on July 5, 1924, in the old Madison Square Garden, a delegate from Oklahoma named A. H. Ferguson rose with an idea for breaking the deadlock.  According to the Times, Ferguson thought that “the whole trouble was that the convention was being held in New York, a wicked city.”  He proposed packing up and moving the gathering elsewhere.  There was some sympathy for that plan among delegates who found New York expensive, if not wicked, and were struggling to pay their hotel bills as the Convention stretched into a second week.  But Ferguson’s suggested alternative, Kansas City, was greeted with derision and shouted proposals of Washington or Indianapolis—or Cleveland, where the Republicans had met earlier that summer. This was indicative of the Democrats’ larger problem, the Times reported:  “Everybody was against somebody or some place, but not enough people were for anybody or any place.”
The article then goes on to say that one of the issues at the convention was the role of the Ku Klux Klan, which was backed by one of the Candidates, the Son-in-Law of President Woodrow Wilson, Treasury Secretary William McAdoo.  Not really stressed is that the other leading Candidate, New York Governor Al Smith, was a Roman Catholic and thus opposed by the many Democrats who feared Catholics.

So far so good.  Then Ms Davidson, in a loathsome move, takes that McAdoo affiliation with the KKK and tries to stretch it to Candidate Donald Trump.  This is at a time when the clueless Main Stream Media has been floundering trying to explain the Chicago Demonstrations that shut down a Trump event.

What is interesting to me is that several reporters have talked about protestors, who, when asked why they were protesting, responded "I don't want to say".  That sounds like a certain amount of organized effort to shut down Mr Trump, and disguise who was behind the protests, rather than a gathering of spontaneous protesters.  But, even so, protest is one's right.

What is disgusting to me is Ms Davidson, who is willing to smear Mr Trump and Mr Trump's supporters with the KKK.  I have to ask, adapting a line from half a century ago:

Have you no sense of decency, madam, at long last?  Have you left no sense of decency?
She has none.

Regards  —  Cliff

  We, as Americans are slowly acknowledging that President Wilson was a through and through racist.
  And Republicans.  The nation was still not ready for Roman Catholics.  It would take World War II for their acceptance.


Anonymous said...

You certainly are outraged! No sense of decency etc. You leave out the why, though. Not very powerful to just "be outraged" on the internet without a little bit of an argument for what is so outrageous ... about tying the KKK to a guy who lied about not knowing who David Duke is an singles out minority groups to disparage and vilify. Just seems a little ... undercooked.

left of lowell

C R Krieger said...

Dear Left

I am not trying to suggest that Mr Trump handled repeated badgering about the Klan well.  He didn't.  On the other hand, I think trying to make Mr Trump into some sort of a Klan member or supporter is over the top.  We are not talking Senator Richard Byrd here.

Remember, The New Yorker is the one with the staff member who didn't understand how Richard Nixon was elected President, given that no one she knew had voted for him.

Regards  —  Cliff