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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Comments Closed

No, not here.  Over at Gerry Nutter's Blog, for the post "Sunday Notes Sept. 16th 2012".

So, I return home to comment.

It was nice of Mr Nutter to mention my name and suggest I am intelligent.  Not everyone has been so kind throughout my lifetime.

Gerry mentions the "Tyngsboro Bridge" and I want to know, having used it once since it was reopened, what does this new configuration do for the region?  I know the new road and traffic pattern on the left bank is an improvement, at least for me heading toward Lowell, but what else does it do?  Sure, if avoids a bridge collapse, which is almost never good.  But, does the lack of an upgrade, the retaining of two lanes, not stand in the way of economic opportunity?  Would the placement of a four lane bridge have been of some benefit?  I admit that my question springs from what I would like to see in terms of repalcement of the next bridge down river.

Finally, I would have liked to have seen Mr Nutter talk about the First Amendment and the current imbroglio regarding riots in the Muslim world.  Sure, we are isolated here in the upper end of Middlesex County, but that only lasts until someone up our way makes some cock-a-mamy video and someone in Timbuktu uses as an excuse to further Salafist ideas and ideals.

Regards  —  Cliff

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I just came over, after writing a lengthy diary, while I watch the Pats. Title? Comments Closed