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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Japan Talking Back

For John, BLUF:  The Japan that can say no to the rest of Asia.

Since we have been focused on turmoil in the Muslim World, it might help us to know that Asia is having its own good time.  Recently China sailed two Coast Guard equivalent ships into Japanese waters to protest the Japanese Government purchase of the three islands known as Senkaku from private owners.  And, China insulted the US Defense Secretary by bringing up problems with Japan during a joint press briefing during Mr Penetta's recent visit.  And there has been rioting in the streets in China, against Japan.  Oh, and a Chinese General suggested preparing for war.

We have to remember that Japan was a major aggressor in Asia up until 1945—that would be 67 years ago.  The Japanese have been slow to apologize and the Chinese, Koreans and others have been slow to forgive.

In the 19 September 2012 issue of The Wall Street Journal Reporter Yuka Hayashi talks to "Rejecting Japan's Remorse, [Japanese] Nationalists Feed Asia Strife".  She gives us this tidbit:

"Shinzo Abe, a hawkish former prime minister vying for a comeback as head of the former ruling Liberal Democratic Party, has called for reconsideration of apologies Japanese leaders issued in the 1990s to soften lingering wartime tensions.  He told the Sankei newspaper in an interview published Aug. 28:  "Being excessively considerate to neighboring nations...has not brought us real friendship."
I wonder if there is something for us to learn there, aside from the need to muzzle some people?

I believe in being polite and being respectful, but that being supine is not helpful.

Regards  —  Cliff

  The author, Shintaro Ishihara, is currently the Governor of Tokyo.
  See, I am already taking sides.  The Chinese named is Diaoyu.

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