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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Helping The Water Works Along

The Wednesday, 5 September 2012 issue of The [Lowell] Sun has an above the fold headline for an article noting that City Councilor Rita Mercier is "seeking an investigation of the city [Water] department.  The reporter was Mr Lyle Moran.

I believe Ms Mercier is correct in doing this, thus giving support to the City Manager in helping bring along the Lowell Regional Water Utility, following the trial of a former employee over the theft of gas.  Organizations sometimes drift a bit and need help in coming back in line with good, professional operations.  In my mind it isn't about firing people so much as it is about everyone being on the same sheet of music as to what may and may not be done at work and with public resources.

And, maybe someone will explain why the Headquarters, out on VFW Highway, flies one American flag and two Commonwealth flags, but not a Lowell flag.


Regarda  —  Cliff

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