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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pew View

The Pew Trust says Candidate Barack Obama is ahead in the polls, "with Stronger Support, Better Image and Lead on Most Issues".

On the other hand, I thought I saw, on the web site, that they had a bridge for sale.

Regards  —  Cliff


JoeS said...

The electoral system is too complex for simple polls to predict. However, once the red and blue strongholds are separated out, polls in the "battleground" states have more meaning. But even some of those are within the "margin of error", with nearly 7 more weeks of potential change.

John McDonough said...

Cliff now is not the best time to be ahead, it only counts in November we all know that, it does create interesting chatter at the water cooler
so says: John McDonough

Jack Mitchell said...

I've watched the Obama campaign shoot up in the weeks following the Dem. convention. There is no reason to believe it is impossible, in the time remaining, for the opposite to happen.

Definately not impossible. Just not probable.

The fundamentals of the Republican candidate's campaign are in shambles.

Craig H said...

Jack has it right--the Republican candidate and his campaign are as inept as any I can recall in my lifetime. He's being polite to allow for any other possibility.

I called this when Ryan was tapped, and I wish I could double down on my bet.

C R Krieger said...

I take your point, but in November it will be about how many voters want hope and change and thus are motivated to vote—for Mittens.

Regards  —  Cliff