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Friday, September 21, 2012

Consideration of Others

For John, BLUF:  Drivers are inconsiderate.  Nothing to see; just move along.

Today, heading from the Post Office toward Drum Hill, approaching Cabot Street, on Father Morissette Blvd, I was in the Number 1 Lane and the driver in front of me wanted to make a left turn.  As you may recall, the lights signal straight ahead and right turn and then switch to a left turn arrow only.  As luck would have it, the driver in front of me was a left turner.  As things our in our Commonwealth, he didn't signal this, except by not moving when the straight ahead and right turn green arrows came on.

This reminded me of driving home last night (about 7:05), in Tewksbury, north on Route 38.  At the light where Main Street is crossed by Pike, Astie and Old Main, Route 38 widens to four lanes.  The car in the Number 1 Lane was showing no turn signal, and was a single, so I slid over behind that vehicle.  The Number 2 Lane had several cars stacked up.  I considered the possibility that the driver was a lurker, planning on turning left but not yet aware that he or she might be impacting others.  However, it was the shorter line and I was eventually turning left into Home Depot.

You guessed it.  The driver was turning left.  My wife spouse asserted that there was some correlation with this being a "Blue State".  Is that overly harsh?

Regards  —  Cliff

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