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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Media Matters Hiccup

For John, BLUF:  DoJ pumping info to Fox News critic, Media Matters.  Nothing to see; just move along.

Over at the Daily Caller is an involved article wherein Writer Matthew Boyle shows DoJ employee, [DOJ Office of Public Affairs Director] Tracy Schmaler feeding information to Media Matters writer Jeremy Holden, et al.

I think this will quickly blow over, because no one but The Daily Caller and Fox News care.  The Daily Caller cares because they are still waiting for the Department of State to explain about one of their vehicles hitting a writer for The Daily Caller in a crosswalk.  Fox News cares because it thinks that an outfit supported by tax deductible contributions is acting as a shill for DoJ.

Well, I did benefit from the story in that it reminded me I was going to file a Federal FOIA request and it pointed out that the normal time to respond is 20 Business Days (about a month).

Regards  —  Cliff

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