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Friday, September 7, 2012

Results In

Per The [Lowell] Sun it is Jon Golnik against Rep Niki Tsongas.  Our congratulations to Mr Golnik.  Our thanks to Mr Tom Weaver for giving us Republicans a choice.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Renee said...

I wasn't going to vote, but there was one contested race. So I did.

Last year I voted blank on the congressional race, but after watching the DNC I have to. I feel very alienated, I wasn't even searching for a change. I did though expect a diversity of issues to be highlighted. Any issues on poverty or fatherless. Where is the Obama of 07'/08' who reminded us 'fatherhood doesn't end at conception'.

I was disappointed in Weaver for not sharing more of his knowledge on energy issues and he made the claim the Tsongas was not as civicly involved in previous years. When you're a spouse of an elected official, and having a very good change of being our First Lady in the early 90s, that's being involved!!!

As for Golnik, he should update the family photo in his mailing. He used the same one from two years ago, and kids grow.

One can not treat Tsongas like a generic Democrat, because she isn't a generic Democrat.