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Friday, September 21, 2012

There Is Good News Tonight

For John, BLUF:  Not all Arabs/Muslims are alike and the Libyans are looking like our friends.

At CNN some three hours ago is a report on a protest in Benghazi, Libya, against the terrorists from 11 September of this year, who gave their city a black eye.

Ten days after four Americans were killed in their Libyan city, hundreds marched in Benghazi and took over the headquarters of a radical Islamist group tied to the attack.

Thousands of protesters had taken to the street earlier Friday, loudly declaring that they—and not those behind last week's deadly attack—represent the real sentiments of the Libyan people.

As in almost everything in life the broad brush is too broad and a more nuanced approach is best.

There is a big difference between Libya and Egypt or Pakistan.  The attitude of the Libyan Government and People says we should continue to engage them and encourage them and help them.  Not all Arabs are alike.  Not all Muslims are alike.  We need to find those we can work with and work with them.

Regards  —  Cliff

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