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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Transform PowerPoint

Here is an article in Forbes, by Mr Carmine Gallo, which tells you how to transform your PowerPoint presentations.  Remember the term "Death by PowerPoint"?  This is the way around it.  Less words and more graphics and the graphics on the left.  An example cited is Mr Jeff Bezos (Amazon) wanting to show battery life, so he put up a small calendar with September and October.  The date of the presentation, 6 September, was highlighted in red.  Most of September and all of October is eight weeks.  Excellent.

And, my source for this, Professor Ann Althouse, has a post on her blog, here.  And in the notes someone notes the "10-20-30 Rule" of Mr Guy Kawasaki.  One year, for Christmas, I gave all my subordinate managers a copy of a Guy Kawasaki book on innovation.  Bright guy, Guy.  That said I prefer 24 point to 30 point.

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