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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Abbot and Costello

For John, BLUFRegarding the Benchazi Imbroglio, the Administration can't get out of its own way and now the Main Stream Media has picked up the scent.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

NOTE For GerryOriginally it was politics with high stakes, but now it is just politics because no one knows how to dismount the tiger without getting scratched.

Someone I know today wrote in an EMail that the Administration can't but Benghazi behind itself "as long as the Administration deals with questions that have been raised as if [it was] Bud Abbot playing "Who's on First?", with the public as Lou Costello."  CBS News this afternoon signaled its confusion.

Regards  —  Cliff


Jack Mitchell said...

I'm going to strip the facade away, right here and now. BLUF:Cliff want's John Kerry to move his office over to Foggy Bottom.

And from all the AIPAC puppets slinging the kitchen sink, I'd guess Bibi Netenyahu prefers this, as well.

I've met both Susan Rice and John Kerry. I think Rice fits better with the mindset of POTUS. Plus, she is exceptionally easy going. A real peoples person.

But, Kerry can go for all I care. Scott Brown used a scorched earth campaign strategy whilst losing BIG TIME to Elizabeth Warren. So, there is no trepidation on my part or the small army of door knocking, grassroots activists that will embarrass our half term Senator as many times as it takes.

C R Krieger said...

Well, I don't want him at the Pentagon.

Then there is the issue of Chuck Hagel.  Where is he going?  CIA?

So, is the "small army" going to turn out for A/G Martha Coakley?

[NB:  Yes, Gerry, it is all political badminton, all the time, except, of course, when it isn't.]

Regards  —  Cliff