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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can We Move On re Foggy Bottom?

For John, BLUFIt would be good for foreign policy prosecution if the President quickly announced Senator Kerry as his nominee to replace Madam Secretary Clinton.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

And another post.  This one was in DRAFT format from yesterday and I accidently passed over it. I don't think it is fair or reasonable that US UN Ambassador Susan Rice should be pulled into the maelstrom that is the Behghazi Imbroglio, but it is happening and there seem to be no real efforts to extract her.  This slops over into the question of who will replace the current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Here is the InstaPundit commenting on the current state of play:

WELL, NO.  HARRIET MIERS NEVER LIED TO CONGRESS AND THE NATION:  Is Susan Rice Obama’s Harriet Miers?  Though I do recall a few Bush operatives trying to claim that criticizing Miers was somehow sexist, so you’ve got that parallel.
One wonders if this distraction is getting in the way of our UN Ambassador and the UN actually doing useful business?

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Jack Mitchell said...

There should be no hurry to let Hillary go. If Kerry is the pick, let's try to hold off on the special election until Nov. 2013. It would be a hoot to line it up with municipal elections.

Plus, politically, watching the old white guys flog the accomplished, black woman just further validates the overarching point.

PS. Trotting out Collins and Ayotte doesn't help much. Especially when Boehner can't find his way to allow women onto House leadership roles.

Meaning, don't cry over the "race/gender card" being played. Your hamfisted, tone deaf GOP braintrust dealt it out of the deck. We're supposed to just ignore that?

Renee said...

Rwandan Ghosts
Benghazi isn't the biggest blight on Susan Rice's record.

Americans have little knowledge about what happened in Rwanda. I remember following it in college reading the Christian Science Monitor in print form.

Americans are too narcissistic to give a rat's ass about anything beyond their living room.