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Monday, November 12, 2012

Republicans and Minorities

For John, BLUFRepublicans need to stick to the facts.  They are sufficient.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Renee Astee put this link in the comments to a previous post.  It is an important and powerful post.  I am sure there are a number of Republicans who feel betrayed by minorities who went with President Obama Tuesday last.  The flip side of that is minorities who felt they had to defend the President because he was being attacked personally and not for his failed policies.  The linked article explains this flip side, and here is the closer:

Obama hasn’t improved the lives of black folks.   We aren’t stupid!   But when the right demonized him rather than his platform they made him a living martyr who had to be defended at all personal cost!   Because what stood to be lost by delegitimizing “black” leadership was a higher price to pay than the unemployment rate!
We Republicans need to pay attention and meet minorities more than half way, so they understand that WE think we are all in this together—and we are.  One group fails and we all fail.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Renee said...

Representative White foresees change, but slowly, as the black community becomes more aware that the socially liberal policies of leaders like President Obama have not — and will not ever — benefit African Americans.
“I think that all of us as Americans are proud that we have elected the first black president. But at some point you have to be truthful…about his impact on blacks.”
“African American voters, at a rate of 95 percent [in 2008]…participated in electing the first black president, but economically, socially, nothing has really changed for the betterment of black voters,” White emphasized.

White is an African American.