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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scott Brown's Future

For John, BLUFI think it is early days to be talking about a Scott Brwn comeback.  That said, if Kerry leaves it will be a sprint ti the finish line.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

For a discussion of replacing Senator Kerry, should he fleet up to Secretary of State or Sec Def, I link to the Daily Caller.  The focus of the article is on Senator Brown as candidate, following his loss to Senator Elect Elizabeth Warren.

I did like the reference to Beacon Hill biting off its nose to spite it's face when it took appointment out of the hands of the Governor.  [Note to self:  Eschew feeling of Schadenfreude.]

Missing from the artice was any discussion of our own (well, Andover's) Chancellor Marty Meehan.  He has $6 Million in his war chest and he is a powerful fund raiser.  He is a Blue Dog like Democrat.  The Warren victory notwithstanding, former Rep Meehan may have some strong appeal.

Back to Senator Brown, while the Warren victory was pretty decisive, she did stumble at her first press conference.  Maybe she isn't that impressive after all.  And most relevant, can the Democrats manage to do this a second time inside a year?  Maybe Senator Brown can do it again, but I think he might benefit from a cooling off period.  But then who?  That is the question

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