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Monday, November 5, 2012

Question Two

For John, BLUFQuestion 2 is not a good solution to the problems of end of life issues.  Vote NO.

I think that Question 2 ("Prescription Medication to End Life") is not a definitive solution to an emotional problem, but rather the lip of a slippery slope.

Question 2 has been described as Physician Assisted Suicide, but it isn't.  It is basically a DIY solution to the problem of terminal illness.

The proposed solution will bring with it its own problems and we will have to readdress this, again and again.

The slippery slope problem is that as we increasingly view those with possible terminal illness as having an option to die, the more likely it will be that our society will move toward a view of people with terminal illness as being ones who should move on.  The tragic lesson learned from Germany in 1939 is that under resource pressure they elected to make it state policy to terminate the "handicapped".  It took them 20 years to get there, from the publication of "Life Unworthy of Life", but they did get there—and we aren't talking "minorities", but German Arians.

The other big problem is, how do you know?  A friend of mine has a sister who was having heart problems and went to a hospital down south of Boston.  They told her there was nothing they could do and told her to prepare to die.  Fortunately, someone took her to Mass General in Boston.  They put in a stint in one location and performed a balloon procedure at another.  She is now recovering and has a good prognostication.  Mistakes happen and they are not evil, but just mistakes.  That is why one should seek a second opinion.

And in the meantime, one should vote NO on Question 2.

Regards  —  Cliff


The New Englander said...

Hooah! A big fat "NO" on question 2 coming from me tomorrow as well..

Renee said...

Rather depressed I have relatives voting yes, because they would actually use the option. They forget I'm the one that will have to find them dead, with the evidence on the bed side.