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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GLTHS Renovation Funding

For John, BLUFLowell is in for the GLTS Rennovation.

Live blogging.

Early in the City Council Meeting, after kudos to The Three Amigos, the question of Lowell agreeing to its portion of the funding for the Greater Lowell Technical High School renovation—an overall $65 Million project came up.

Councillor Kennedy says he will vote this, but consideration should be given to saving $6 Million by eliminating the new cafeteria.  GLTHS School Committee Chairman Victor Olson fields the question and explains the tradeoffs re science labs.<> As per Councillor Vesna Noun's comment last week, one has to wonder why this was not already set aside in Lowell fiscal plans.  Councillor Noun returns to the issue, asking to have the City Council kept in the loop, which the City Manager rogers.

Councillor Bill Martin talks about the need for more Lowell students.  Councillor Marty Lorrey notes the expense.

Councillor Mendonça notes they have already been to MSBA, which already shaved costs.  Mr Moses talks to long term costs and wage increases.  [Why is no one asking about the assumptions about assumed interest rates?]

Rita talks to the value of GLTHS and says she supports, and mentions Dan Tensar, a former colleague.  Councillor Elliot says he supports and asks questions about assumptions regarding tax increases.  We are spending $15 Million and we have to pay for it, by increased taxes or reduced municipal capital investment.  Councillor Elliot notes he likes such forecasts as Mr Moses submitted.  The City Manager talks to the future.

Councillor Kennedy reiterates that the Council was brought in very late on this project.

The vote.  All yeas.

NB:  The money from the MSBA is not actually free.  It comes from Commonwealth revenues.  There is no free lunch.

Regards  —  Cliff

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