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Monday, November 26, 2012

Sequestration Again

For John, BLUFAre we seeing posturing by the Democrats in Congress or are those Democratic Party Congress Critters willing to "destroy the village to save it"?  Nothing to see here; just move along.

If Politico is to be believed, the Tea Party isn't the only speed bump in Congress.  We now have the "Cliff Jumpers".

A growing bloc of emboldened liberals say they’re not afraid to watch defense spending get gouged and taxes go up on every American if a budget deal doesn’t satisfy their priorities.

Here’s what these progressives fear:  an agreement that keeps lower tax rates for the wealthy, hits the social safety net with unpalatable cuts and leaves Pentagon spending unscathed.  In other words, they’d rather walk the country off the cliff than watch President Barack Obama cave on long-held liberal priorities.

Hat tip to the Althouse blog.

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Neal said...

Both Senators Patty Murray and Dingbat Harry have openly stated that they want it their way....or over the cliff we go. Of course, the biggest dingbat in the House, DWS is all in favor of it as well....and has so stated.

I wish that the House Republicans would hurry up and pass a bill that calls for spending cuts and significant and meaningful changes to that the Dems can then defeat it...openly.......of course, the argument will always be that its the Republicans who are the obstructionists........and 52% of the American sheeple believe that to be true.

Regardless of who takes...or gets...the blame....the one thing that has to change is spending...and if sequestration accomplishes on toward the brink.....and lets make it an annual New Year event. The fact that you were born and survived puberty...or successfully crossed the border illegally and can now magically become a citizen by decree...does NOT entitle you to cradle to grave care and feeding.

If you can't make it on your own....better find a church you like. Oh....I'm sorry....if you don't believe in God so want to stay away from churches......then you may just be hurting.

Anonymous said...

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