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Monday, November 26, 2012

Finding the Focus

For John, BLUFBlogger Gerry Nutter got confused on WCAP this AM, over why Left in Lowell has again focused on GLTHS.

On WCAP (680 AM) this AM Blogger Gerry Nutter suggested that Left in Lowell picked up the theme of GLTHS as a result of Ray Boutin, vice Cliff Krieger, being appointed to the GLTHS School Committee.

This is rubbish, IMHO.  Cliff Krieger getting appointed to or not getting appointed to the vacated Mike Lenzi seat is of little importance.  What is important is the future of GLTHS.  I do believe it is fair to say that the fact that there were four candidates for the job helped to focus attention on GLTHS and its governance.

The future of GLTHS turns on the performance of the School Committee, which is charged with guiding the Superintendent in the execution of his or her duties.  There are some current hiccups out at GLTHS, including the "gender discrimination" charge and the asking the Tyngsboro Police to investigate Ms Lynne Lupien.  These are fair objects for discussion by the various Blogs.  If the $65 Million upgrade to the school fails in Dracut, that will be a subject worth discussing on the Blogs.  The gap between the number of students interested in attending GLTHS and the number who can be accommodated is a fit topic for Blogging.

UPDATE:  And let us not forget Lowell City Councilor Bill Martin (on the floor) or State Rep Colleen Garry (on City Life) calling for fundamental changes in the relationship of GLTHS and it's supporting communities.  We could throw in questions about GLTHS's relationship with Lowell High and with Middlesex Community College.

Let us not confuse one applicant for an appointment to the GLTHS School Committee with the actual work facing the School Committee itself.

Regards  —  Cliff

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