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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Asset Forfeiture

In a comment on an earlier Blog Post Kad Barma talked about the Bush era Congressionally passed Homeland Security Act, that gives the Federal Government sweeping authority to take away some of our rights.  He is correct, of course.

But, before we had the Homeland Security Act we had the War on Drugs and Asset Forfeiture.  This Opinion Piece from The Boston Herald talks to the possible forfeiture of the Caswell Motel, just down Route 38 from us.

Not because the owners are doing anything anything illegal, but because crimes involving drugs have occurred some 30 times on the property, over the last 30 years.  As the author of the piece in The Boston Herald says, the owners are treated worse than criminals, since they have to sue to get their property back, and prove that they are innocent.

The source of this link, the Instapundit, treats it this way:
Tar. Feathers. And obviously, you don’t want to locate a business in Tewksbury, or in Massachusetts, with this sort of thing going on. And given the involvement of the DEA, maybe you don’t even want to locate a business in the United States of America . . . .
There are places for Asset Forfeiture, but this abuse is something we should all worry about.  For example, if your 24 year old daughter, back from college with her degree, looking for a job, exchanges money for drugs on your property, you are at the same risk as the Caswells.  For sure.

And, would someone explain to me how the DEA will operate the motel after they seize it?  What impact will this have on homelessness in the local area?  Will the Marshals Service hire the Caswells to run it for us?  To whom will they sell the motel?  And, how long after they sell it before they seize it again?

Just asking.

Regards  —  Cliff

1 comment:

Anonymous said... if the owners/operators of the Caswell Motel dimed out the drug dealers...does anyone with a functioning cell in their cerebrum think for a moment that when the drug dealers come after them....mighty law enforcement will be there to protect them???

If your answer is "Yes" contact me right away because I have a whole slew of deals for you!!

While this is reprehensible....and the Patriot Act is at least that and probably much more.....Americans would riot in the streets if they actually knew just how NOT free they are. Big Brother has his nose so far up everyone's posterior it defies description off the magnitude. There is almost no human activity in the US of Amerika that is not "surveilled" by some "law enforcement" agency. Your every phone call is scooped up and analyzed and archived for future analysis and reference, your picture is taken many, many times a day and examined and archived, your email (such as this and more) is captured and thrust through a logic process that puts you under the microscope for using certain words or phrases...never mind that they are out of context....every thing you've uttered, written, or sent to someone else is recorded somewhere by somebody.

Land of the Free????? Yeah, right!! Don't bet the family jewels on it.