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Monday, October 24, 2011

Running Scared?

So, on Sunday I was painting my front door. While waiting for the first coat to dry, I heard a loud knock. Fortunately, my unexpected visitor knocked on the frame. It turned out to be my Commonwealth Senator, Dave Marsden (he called himself a "State" Senator, but then again, we have "State" Troopers down this way.) As he introduced himself, he handed me a flyer and explained that he was looking for my vote on November 8. Standing there talking to him, I noticed that his flyer did not mention his party affiliation. Unlike the Real Cliff™, I do not follow local politics, so I did not know this information off the top of my head. When my turn came to talk, I asked his party and his position on abortion and taxes.

After running on for a minute about transportation taxes (he wants to raise the gas tax to pay for transportation), he said that he is a democrat and that he is "pro choice". I put that in quotes not because I object to the term (I do, but that is for another post), but because that is ALL he said. I got the distinct feeling that he was putting off the painful stuff until the end.

By way of background, I live in Fairfax County, Virginia. Virginia went for Obama in 2008, and has two Democratic U.S. Senators. Fairfax is just about as blue as Virginia gets, second only to Alexandria. Why would this man feel the need to hide his party affiliation or his position on abortion? I went to his website, and found the same problem. No mention on the front page of his party, and no mention of abortion on the issues page. Virginia just began requiring that abortion providers meet the same requirements as other outpatient medical providers, effectively shutting most down, so this is a very current issue in the Commonwealth.

The only conclusion I can draw is that the Democrats are running scared, at least down here.

Regards — the Other cliff

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Anonymous said...

I don't think the Dems are running scared. They are simply running, running the same way they have for years. It's called "bait and switch" or just plain dishonesty. They lay on this sappy populist philosophy and paint a lovely picture of Nirvana where everyone is blissfully content with Big Brother providing everything for everyone. But they don't discuss any of the realities of absolute government control and what society must do to cede control to a few.

Just beneath the surface of the so-called "pro-choice" folks is a mind set that is willing to terminate pregnancy for any number of "socially relevant" purposes. Once the public is sufficiently "conditioned" to abortion on demand, it becomes almost too easy for the "demander" to shift to the government itself.

I am not claiming sainthood for the Repubs by any means, but the Dems do have a firm claim on the duplicity aspect of running for political office....and nowhere in recent history (Post FDR) has that been more evident than with the current administration.

Well....he DID promise to fundamentally change America....and so far he seems to be keeping THAT promise.