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Thursday, October 27, 2011

IEDs in Mexico

The level of violence in Mexico, our next door neighbor, nation wise, has continued to escalate to the point that a cartel recently used an IED to attack the police in Monterrey.  Here is a report on same.

This is not a good situation.  And, it is unlikely we can withdraw from our own country if the violence spreads northward.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the announcement from Jay Carney that DOJ and BATFE say that the use of IEDs can be traced back to gun ownership in the US.

Not an optimal plan, but if the US would simply make legal the drugs being currently consumed at huge billion dollar amounts, it would have a huge beneficial effect on lots of things.

First, if it's is taxable.

Second, if it's legal, there is an increased probability that the drugs meet at least some acceptable pharmaceutical standard, thereby mostly eliminating medical issues arising from impurities. I find it terribly odd that the current Administration advances the notion that the government has not only the right but the responsibility to provide for the health of every American and has assembled all sorts of blue ribbon panels and agencies to force health on Americans....and yet.....impure drugs great profit to a small gang of sociopaths.

Finally, still connected to health, the plethora of drug related, drug induced diseases that abound today in this country could be at least curtailed if not completely eliminated.

All of this could be reality were it not for a handful of elitists who conclude that it is there prerogative in life to determine and regulate everything that everyone else does.

So far...they are doing a miserable job of it.