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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Debate 4



Re Setti Warren dropping out, why can you win.
Tom Conroy—I have a record of beating Republicans.
DeFranco—I have a ground game and live in Essex, where Scott Brown did so well.
Alan—I can do this because I have organized my whole life. Scott Brown has done nothing.
Bob Massie—We have a history of folks who start slow and grow, like Scott Brown. I am a nation
I am not a career politician. I am a person who gets things done. Little or no capital gains tax on IPOs.
Marty —Is it all over
Elizabeth Warren—Scott is wall Street's favorite Senator. I am for America's Middle Class.

I kept my cloths on and got loans and a part time job.
Musician and parents
Parents and sch

Parents and loans
Loans and parents, and my wife.

Q. What message
DeFranco—Withdrawal by 2012. Wars we can't win. And no proxy wars
Alan—Thanks for service. We need to get out of Afghanistan. Karazi is totally corrupt. Out in a year.
Bob—Agree on rapid withdrawal, focus on vets, homelessness and private schools ripping off vets.
Herb—Agree on rapid withdrawal
E—my three brothers served in Viet-nam. Need to use forces wisely. Rapid withdrawal. But, we need to pay for war in the present time.
Tom—We need to pull back responsibly. We need a strong military, but also a strong economy. I link a strong economy with strong defense.
Marty—Pre too slow
Q—Should we legalize Marajuina?
Alan—I did epinhale. But I don't support general
Herb. Same as alcohol
E medical OK, but not otherwise.
De. M not the same as MJ. Decriminalize.
Q do you support the President's Jobs Bill

Bob—Yes, and we need to get on path to innovation and green economy.
Herb support Pres Obama, but it isn't strong enough. Tax millionaires on the economy.
Elizabeth I would put people to work right now. Role or regulations. Complicated regulations from DC work against small businesses.
Tom—Support the President. need to create jobs.
Marisa. Not good enough. Need Appolo Green Jobs now. We are in a crisis and in WWII we
Alan—Don't support Payroll Tax Cut. Need more entreupour jobs.
Q—what Super Hero
Herb. I would have be the incredible hulk
E. Wonder woman. A
Captain America—
M Half of the twins
The Flash

Q. Wall Street is vital but threatens
E I have tried to do this and been face to face with them and I have.
Tom—Creative tension, Democracy and Capitalism. Out of balance right now, with too little regulation.
Marissa—Day to day I fight the Federal Government. We don't become captive to Wall Street. Make Wall Street
Alan—Have Obama. Yes, Wall Street, but we have to focus on Main Street and jobs.
Bob—Capitalism needs to transform. The US is behind the world in a better form of Capitalism.
Herb—We need to tax bad performance. When you have lots of regulations, their lawyers learn to get around them.
Q—Twitter re how to protect women's health
Tom. I support a woman's right to chose.
M—I will protect a wom
Alan. Funding at risk, and Scott Brown was voting
Bob. Two points. I know the denial of medical care and fight
Herb. I to would protect a woman's right to choose.
E. You need to stand up and say you s
Q. Have you
M. No
No not according to the legal definition
Q. Weinergate. How would
Alan. One needs to own up to it
Bob. We are all flawed and have admit
Herb. Help undo
E. I would not ask anyone in my family to stand with me.

You get caught so fess up
Q. Occupation Protests
Bob. Been part of such things before.
Herb. Too old to join
E. Everyone needs to follow the law. Wall Street broke this nation and there has been no restitution.
Tom. A model of true Democracy—Second mention of walk across a massachusetts.
Marissa. Fully support their movement.
Alan. I went to talk to them yesterday and they think Washington doesn't get it.
Q. General Election Debate
Bob yes
Brown hasn't
Q. Deficit reduction and taxes. Bush tax cuts extension OK and did you speak out then?
E. Yes keeping the tax cuts wrong and it is about values. (Didn't answer the question.)
Tom. I was against the first extension. Tax cuts and two wars unbalance the budget.
Marissa. A mistake and I did speak out. Obama caved and then got rolled.
Alan. First mistake was was Democrats not fixing. End tax cuts, but also benefits and defense spending.
Bob. Agree previous, but money is corrupting politics. One party bought and one rented out. We need to reverse Citizens United.
Herb. Mistake was before the 2010 election. Budgets cuts are layoffs.
Q. Today would you encourage son
Tom. Neither encourage nor discourage.
M. Let them decide. Pay Service members same as Contractors.
Alan. I would honor it, but it is a tough one.
Bob. Grew up in Viet-nam era. I would respect choice.
Herb. I would support.
E. Have urged one son to consider it.
Q. Instate tuition for college students for illegal immigrants.
M. Support, but it isn't a scholarship. But they still can't get a job.
Alan. I support it. My parents immigrants. Washington isn't getting the job done. Scott Brown voted against the Dream Act.
Bob. Geo Washington very clear immigration is critical for our future.
Herb. Support in state tuition and immigration reform.
E. I support in state and Dream Act. We need paths for citizenship for college grads from overseas.
Tom. I support in state tuition. And we need immigration reform. A 12 million deportation Tea Party is advocating.
Q. How to encourage grads to stay here?
Alan. I would push for a home price quads tee—sticky prices and the environment for startup businesses.
Bob. A good home, a good school, a good doctor and a good job. Multiple forms of housing. We need entrepreneurial models.
Herb. We need to bring the jobs to the Massachusetts. Encourage same. Green jobs.
E. Makes sense to encourage. Quarter million under water. We have a broken housing market. We can't restart without fixing housing crisis.
Tom. Keeping young people here—doctors a problem—offering loans. More affordable housing stock. Need more Federal Housing money.
Marisa. What is left? Jobs and good union jobs. Need Employee Free Choice Act.
Q. One thing in past year to improve state.
Bob. Going around state talking about green energy.
Herb. My free time running campaign and talking green energy.
E. I spent a year building a consumer protection bureau.
Tom. For past five years hiring folks to my business and as a State Rep
Marisa. Working pay equity for women. Bill died. 11 years in a row.
Alan. Working on Opportunity Nation.
Q. Should there be mandatory service, Including women, and in combat.
Herb. Truing only. Shouldn't for war on people. Yes
E. Not mandatory. Women in combat
Tom. Yes and women should be in combat.
Marisa. Not mandatory. Yes, women in combat.
Alan. A national service system, but not mandatory. Yes, women in combat.
Bob. Not mandatory but women in combat.
e. Talking about Middle Class. Grew up on ragged edge of Middle Class. We have lost our way. Washington rigged for the big guys.
Alan. Debate about who will be the most effective leader for Mass in Washington. Put our country first. Empower poor and middle class families.
Herb. Just a regular American running for office. I am not a politician. Bringing jobs back. Energy needs to be addressed. Knows the difference between hair spray and nuclear fallout
Marisa. To fight for the people against the powerful. No testing the waters. You don't test, you just do. Jobs, justice and the power of the people.
Tom. On my walk this summer thePeople said they want a leader to create new jobs. Democratic principles. Scott Brown is in the way of that. I HAVE defeated an incumbent Republican.
Bob. I know it is easy to feel discouraged. But we are inventors and we can and should lead and we need an locomotive like Ted Kennedy, not a caboose like Scott Brown.

Regards  —  Cliff

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