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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Beeb Writes about Catch-22

Is that a Catch-22 kind of thing, what with the BBC writing about the 50th anniversary of the novel by Joseph Heller, a WWII B-25 Bombadier, Catch-22?

I read the novel quite a while ago and enjoyed it.  Yes, life in the service is often absurd.  Weird things do happen.  I remember that a member of the 390th Tactical Fighter Squadron, the Blue Boars, was friends with Navy Lieutenant Roger Staubuck, and for several bottles of whiskey we got a skid of plywood, a bunch of 2 by 4s and a lot of nails.  With those we rebuilt the inside of our Squadron Operations building (and had lumber left over for a pool table).  The ramrod for that building operations was "The Real Arch", Archie Lorenzen, who did a great job of making it all work out.

The book is great.  The movie has lots of footage of airplanes flying.  What more could you ask?

Regards  —  Cliff

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