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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lowell City Treasurer

Doing my homework for class, rather than watching the City Council meeting, I apparently missed a real dustup between the City Manager and Councilor Elliot.  That is if you believe Gerry Nutter, here, and also here, and also here.  In the first linked post is a statement by the City Manager himself that is a reprimand of Councilor Elliott:
I believe that tonight’s actions by Councilor Elliott crossed a clear line set forth in Section 107 of the City’s Charter.  Section 107 prohibits Council interference with the City Manager’s municipal appointments and is designed to keep politics out of the hiring process.
I am all for keeping politics out of the hiring process.

But, speaking to the new Treasurer, my former boss, who just two weeks ago this coming Friday left the firm where I am an intermittent worker, had nothing but positive things to say about Mr Greg Labrecque.  So, I welcome Mr Labrecque.

Regards  —  Cliff

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