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Friday, October 28, 2011

Help Me Here!

What am I supposed to do?  The MSM, or at least MSNBC, thinks I like Herman Cain because I am a Racist and that I think that he "knows his place".  Are they serious?  Here is the headline from National Review:
MSNBC Analyst:  GOP Sees Herman Cain as a 'Black Man Who Knows His Place'
So, does this mean that to excise my sin I should support some other person?  Who would that be?  If you say Barack Obama you have totally lost me.

Is there any reason to believe anything the MSM says about Mr Herman Cain?

Regards  —  Cliff


Anonymous said...

The quick answer to your question regarding belief in the vomit spewed forth by the MSM regarding Cain....and any other R candidate for that an emphatic "NO."

The mission of the MSM is to reelect Obama. Everything else is subordinate to and supportive of that mission.

Herman Cain is probably....given the field.....the most ideal candidate the GOP can put up. They won't however because FlipFlop has "paid his party dues" and will ascend to the temporary throne of Great Contender...and the GOP will once again create a giant smoking hole in the political landscape on election day in 2012.

On the positive....and witty side....there is a campaign slogan out that is tongue in cheek...but at the same time....telling...."Honkies for Herman."

I guess I am one....but then...I've never supported the "right" person.

Craig H said...

Anyone running for president who thinks that "I was joking" is a meaningful explanation for anything ridiculous that they say and do on the campaign trail is wrong. "Presidential" matters, and Herman Cain simply isn't. He's glib, yes, but he's reckless in his comments and that's strikes one, two and three. After that, any ridicule heaped his way is responsible public journalism in my opinion. He got is 15 minutes with the 9-9-9 stuff, but he's proving himself to be just as unprepared for public debate as all the rest of the Republican challengers.

As for MSM's inability to treat Obama and any "Obama" issue fairly, methinks Neal hasn't been watching Jon Stewart start to rip the veil from the idiocy. (Latest target was an emmy-worthy excoriation of the "weatherproof homes" boondoggle).

Obama only escapes becoming a more-regular target owing to the staggering idiocy that is arraying itself against him. No one will bother to work for an anti-Obama piece while making fun of the Keystone Kops on the Republican side is so unbelievably easy. Reporters these days are lazy more than polemic--on both sides.

It's too bad, too, because Obama's mishandling of things needs the scrutiny.