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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

President's Jobs Bill

When the President proposed his new Jobs Bill I was going to write a post urging the Republican House Leadership to just pass the thing in toto, minus the Broadband regulation item.  I know that Presidential Consiglieri David Axelrod said it had to pass unchanged, but if the US Congress isn't to become a rubber stamp, at least one small change would seem in order.

I didn't.  I was lazy.  But, my instinct was right.  As several of the Candidates for the Democratic nomination for "The Kennedy Seat" said last night, it isn't big enough (if you believe the solution is a Keynesian Stimulus).  It is small potatoes and the 12 Apostles will fix it anyway, when they report out—won't they?

Now comes Senator Harry Reid, as told to us by The Hill:
Reid said he would revise parts of the proposal that some Senate Democrats have found unpalatable.   The Nevada Democrat announced his new strategy on the same day he blocked a Republican effort to force a vote on Obama’s jobs bill.
I think the Republicans could still pass this Turkey, minus the Broadband item, and pass it to Senator Reid.  I am sure that Ms Pelosi and here Caucus would vote with the Republicans in support.

It is win-win.  If it works, the Republicans are on the right side of history.  If it doesn't the Republicans can say "we tried cooperation with the Dems one last time, now let's do it our way."

Hat tip to the Instapundit.

Regards  —  Cliff

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cliff, I think the R's have tried the cooperation thing and it has failed. For over two years, the R's have had a gun to their heads to pass stuff that stinks to high heaven.


BO has brought the nation to a crossroads and the choices are one way with no return. We can choose to become a benevolent dictatorship or at least a junta, or we can remain a free republic of sorts.

This jobs bill is nothing more than a political ploy...and for the R's.....a live grenade.

I'll give BO this much.....a level of hubris unseen in the world in many, many moons. His mantra is "I", "I", "I".......