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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Drone Virus Update

From Wired's Danger Room we have an update on the virus infecting control stations for PREDATOR and REAPER Drones.  From Journalist Noah Shachtman we have "Air Force Insists: Drone Cockpit Virus Just a ‘Nuisance’"

They were playing "Mafia Wars"?  Probably not.  That is just an example.

I did blog about this before.

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Anonymous said...

Well....maybe not Mafia Wars.....Assuming that the Predator network is closed...and it is.....the ONLY way in for malware is via somebody introducing it.

I'll bet that somebody from 24AF came down on somebody at Creech for "leaking" the story. We used to tell our maintenance guys and gals that they were NEVER to speak to ANYONE outside their immediate shop and those that did would have their lips ripped off. I recall one skeeter wing airman out in the hush house who apparently took the threat quite seriously. The Wing King stopped by to talk for a minute to the hush house crew (part of his "neighborhood" outreach philosophy). He asked the kid how he liked working in the hush house. The kid looked at me as if to say, "Can I answer him." I quickly told him to answer our Wing Commander's question....emphasis on OUR. Outside on the ramp, the Wing CC turned to me laughing and said, "You have these folks trained pretty well Chief." My response was, "A closed mouth gathers no feet...or fists"

C R Krieger said...


Regards  —  Cliff