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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Live Blogging the Democratic Primary Debate

Yes, I am here on the UML South Campus, Live Blogging the US Senate Democratic Primary Debate.  It would be a lot better if I had a connector between my Mac and the network cable.  I obviously haven't thought this through as much as I should have.

Also here is Dick Howe, local Lowell Democrat and Blogger.  Also here is David, from Blue Mass Group.  And Jack Mitchell of Left in Lowell, and Lynne Lupien blogging on her phone on Twitter and Chris Hazel on LinL Chris Camire and the one and only Jen Myers are here from The [Lowell] Sun.

There is competition for my time.  I really want to be home with Charlie Reynolds and Heater Vos, the two main characters in my fiction story for class.  This is a class my wife signed us up for.  I am no James Joyce and this is hard work.  Worse, those characters are taking over my life.  If Heather hadn't died as a result of injuries received at the Pentagon on 9/11, she would be about Elizabeth Warren's age and still a very active, involved person, having retired from the Air Force as a two star general.  Her husband not so much, having been passed over for Lieutenant Colonel in 1989.  Such is life.  Right now it is November 1983 and they are worried that the world will end in a nuclear holocaust, if the Sooviets read the signs of the times wrong.  Exercise ABLE ARCHER 83.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Mr. Lynne said...

Pleasure to have you at my left.