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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Illegal Immigration

Here is a different spin on the illegal immigration situation in the US.
OF course what the administration misses is the connection between illegal crossings and job opportunities and fear of the cartels.  Mexicans, particularly women, have pretty much given up crossing the border in the midst of a cartel war.  Virtually all of them are raped before crossing.  Many are killed before crossing in wanton violence in Mexico.  So while total number of illegals is down the proportion of the crossers that are cartel criminals among the total population has increased five fold (maybe more).
On the one hand the idea that women are not being protected from rape is pretty appalling, on the other hand the Mexican drug cartels seem to have done what a succession of US Administrations couldn't do—greatly reduce illegal immigration by those looking for work in the US.  That and the current economy, although I would think the gray economy is doing better than the open economy and many illegals work in the gray economy.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Anonymous said...

You missed a critical point in the commentary. While the number of illegal immigrants is down, the percentage of illegal immigrants who are affiliated with one of the cartels is up five-fold. In other words, instead of traditional jobs sought by illegals, they already HAVE jobs....being an in place conduit for the cartels.

While it SEEMS like good is in fact probably the WORST news.

BTW....we will have a difficult time stemming illegal immigration as long as some states proclaim that being an illegal immigrant is not illegal...and we have a USAG whose policy is to look the other way as much as is humanly, politically possible. If I don't see them crossing the border....they aren't. Oh...and if we catch them, we'll recruit them into the DNC and make them "honorary" citizens via a green card exemption. DREAM on!!!