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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Risk Management

I had thought I had already blogged this item, but when I found an EMail from the author, unopened, I went in search and couldn't find it.  So, if this is a duplicate and I say the opposite of what I said before, gig me for it in the comments.

Ms Carla Seaquist is a playwright out in Oregon Washington State.  She has combined her love of literature with her concerns about where we are going.  The article is titled "Risk Management, According to Moby-Dick" and it can be found at The Daily Kos.

The article seems to suggest that when the Captain of a ship has lost his sense of proportion he should be relieved, even if by his Number 1, while at sea.  This Caine Mutiny approach is made more interesting in that Ms Seaquist's husband was one of the US Navy's last Battleship Captains (I was at the change-of-command ceremony, when he relinquished command of the USS IOWA).

Yes, it is The Daily Kos, but most people aren't good enough to be wrong every time.  Here is a chance to challenge our thinking.

I hope to talk about risk and profit and loss in a subsequent post.

UPDATE:  State changed from Oregon to Washington State.  Brain cramp.

Regards  —  Cliff

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