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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Election Corruption

Today's edition of The [Lowell] Sun has an article on redistricting.  It sounds like the Redistricting Plan on Beacon Hill is not an honest presentation, but another manipulation to achieve the political ends of the majority.  I guess I wouldn't expect much better if the Libertarians were in charge, or the Republicans..

Take the article lede.
... one of 10 new "majority-minority" districts in the state would be in Lowell...
Then turn to page "8".  For the 16th, 17th and 18th Middlesex seats the Proposed boundaries are "Same."  Sitting at my computer I wonder if that will be the spark for a lawsuit by those advocating "majority-minority" districts.

Then there is the comment from State Representative Michael Moran:
In recent weeks, state Rep. Michael Moran, a Brighton Democrat who co-chairs the redistricting committee, said Chelmsford could lose one of its four House seats. But Moran said yesterday it was logistically impossible to reduce the number of districts in Chelmsford due to the creation of a new Lawrence district in which a majority of the residents are minorities.
He says it like it is a bad thing.  The folks on Beacon Hill must think we are taking stupid pills out here in the districts.  Then again, maybe they don't.  Maybe they think that enough folks will vote Democrat each year that it won't matter.  Yes, it does feel like living in the Old South of my youth.  The Solid South.

Then there is Littleton resident and Austin Prep history teacher, Ed MacKenzie.  He took his home computer and drew a map that gave Chelmsford its own district, just like in the old days.  I thought Representative Michael Moran, a Brighton Democrat, who co-chairs the redistricting committee said it wasn't possible.  As a tax payer I would like the General Court to hire Mr MacKenzie, as a high paid consultant.  Mr MacKenzie said:
It's not an overwhelming difficult problem to solve if you're looking out for the interests of the people of these towns first, rather than looking out for the interests of the incumbent state legislators first.
Mr MacKenzie recommends the California approach, which had an independent group redraw the lines.  I like Mr MacKenzie.

Regards  —  Cliff

  Remember, articles in The Sun go away after a while, to a different place.  I will not be updating their links unless I am bedridden and have read every book in the house.  And, besides, the Editor tells me the links cost money after a few weeks.  It is the new business model.
  Hey Sarah!  Where is the link to the Common Cause web page with the maps?

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