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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not a Good Sign

The US Forces newspaper, Stars and Stripes, has an article on one US Citizen of Afghani descent who has decided that the Afghan Government isn't doing enough and that she and her family are returning to the States.  The fact that her Father, also a US Citizen, was murdered for trying to clean up corruption, helped her make her decision.  Her interview with President Hamid Karzai just confirmed her in her decision.

The woman is Ms Rangina Hamidi and her story is told by Reporter Martin Kuz in the 10 October edition of Stars and Stripes, with the headline "Influential Afghan women's rights advocate says hope is lost."

I am not ready to admit hope is lost, but this is part of the ongoing debate about if the Afghan Government can survive or if it will fall after NATO forces withdraw.  One of the things little talked about is that in any insurgency, while the rebels may be evil incarnate, they suppress any corruption that is not part of their strategy.  This is in contrast to the central government they are fighting, which has lost popular support by not providing good, accountable, government.

We are lucky in that in this country we are usually able to take care of corruption by changing the party in charge.  But, those who know history know that every once in a while we have seen force used at the local level to effect change.

Regards  —  Cliff

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