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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Queue Jumping

Today, coming home with my wife I was traveling Eastbound on the VFW Highway and got onto the ramp to get on Route 38 Southbound, at the Hunts Falls Bridge.  It was a single line, but then I noticed, about 40% of the way up the ramp a large white truck passing cars to the left the queue.  I glanced at the mark on the truck and Diamond Rio came to mind, but it was really an International.  His bumper came up to my front left fender.  I eased a little right and got right on the bumper of the chap in front of me and the truck had to settle for being behind me.

When we got to the traffic circle (rotary) I had a stop sign and I stopped and then pulled forward a few feet.  However, a car was approaching from the left, on the traffic circle—and had the right of way—so I let him in.  The truck behind me honked at me for doing such a thing.  What can I say?  I learned to drive in California, when there were still rules.

The thing about the truck driver was that he was an obnoxious queue jumper.  He was not willing to wait his turn on line.  At best he was grasping.

Which brings me to illegal immigration.  I like immigration for this nation.  Every immigrant who joins us, who becomes a US citizen, adds to our wealth and strength.  Every such immigrant who is squeezed out because of illegal immigration—and let us not deny the relationship here—is a loss for this nation.

And, my final thought is that we should change the law and require all new citizens to denounce their former allegiances and adhere only to the United States of America.  For me that would be especially important for developing a compromise to execute some sort of program to regularize those illegal immigrants who remain in this country after the Obama Administration plan to reduce illegal immigration by keeping unemployment high is fully executed.  That and some other requirements and then we can talk.

Regards  —  Cliff

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